United Exterminators often receive more calls about termites than any other household insect. Subterranean termites are serious pests, whose control is best left to professionals. Termite management services can be confusing, however  there are more options available today than ever before. Some of the most common termite questions raised by homeowners are answered below.
Why worry about termites?
Why are infestations often discovered during March – May?
How will I know if my home is infested?
Can I treat the house myself?
How do I choose a termite control company? Why is there such variance in price?
Which treatment methods and products are most effective?
Does the entire house need to be treated — or can they just treat areas where I See Them?

How long will the treatment last?

Will the chemicals harm my family or pets?
Have I been “cheated” if termites continue to infest my house after treatment?
United Exterminators Servicing  in  Yonkers, White Plains, Croton On Hudson And Westchester County, NY. More then 12 Years and we Give One Year Warranty For Our Termite Treatment.
Q: Should I  worry about ?
A: Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems.  can injure living trees and shrubs, but more often are a secondary invader of woody plants already in decline. While buildings may become infested at any time,  particular importance when buying or selling a home since a termite inspection/infestation report is normally a condition of sale. Besides the monetary impact, thousands of winged termites emerging inside one’s home are an emotionally trying experience — not to mention the thought of termites silently feasting on one’s largest investment.

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Spring typically is when large numbers of winged termites, known as “swarmers,” emerge inside homes. In nature, termites swarm to disperse and start new colonies. Triggered by warmer temperatures and rainfall, the winged termites emerge from the colony and fly into the air.
The swarmers then drop to the ground, shed their wings, pair off with a mate, and attempt to begin new colonies in the soil. Few swarmers emerging outdoors survive to start new colonies. Swarmers emerging indoors are incapable of eating wood, seldom survive, and are best removed with a vacuum. They do, however, indicate that an infestation is present.

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